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Layering Necklaces 101
Layering Necklaces 101

FALL in Love With Layering

With a new season comes a new opportunity to indulge in some fresh fall pieces. Layering your necklaces adds depth, personality and style to even your best outfits. 


Pick up one or two timeless necklaces and discover how to layer them with signature pieces that you already have in your collection. Your stunning necklace stack awaits! 

Picking the Right Layered Necklaces

Picking the right necklaces to layer is truly an art. Once you’ve gotten a solid layered stack on rotation, you can periodically swap out certain chains for statements pieces, ensuring that your look is always fresh! ✨


How many necklaces should you layer?

Three to four necklaces are typically the sweet spot for layering. Anything more than four tends to make your stack look cluttered...

December is Tanzanite Month
December is Tanzanite Month Found in just one place on earth, tanzanite is a relatively recent discovery, they were first unearthed in 1967. Because the crystals show different colours depending on the viewing direction, cutters can fashion gems with a range of colour from violetish blue to bluish violet depending on how much weight they want to retain from the rough.
November is Citrine Month
November is Citrine Month Citrine is rare in nature. In the days before modern gemology, its tawny colour caused it to be confused with topaz.
October is Opal Month
October is Opal Month Because opal has the colors of other gems, the Romans thought it was the most precious and powerful of all. The Bedouins believed that opals contained lightning and fell from the sky during thunderstorms. When Australia’s mines began to produce opals commercially in the 1890s, it quickly became the world’s primary source for this October birthstone.