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Top 5 Places to Get Engaged in Calgary

Top 5 Places to Get Engaged in Calgary

Stunning Spots to Say “Yes!”


Romance is in the air. When you’re ready to pop the question you might find yourself overwhelmed with where to do it. Calgary has a lot to offer for any couple in a relationship but no matter how long you’ve been together there’s always something new to discover.

Whether you prefer the country or the city, the options for spots to get down on one knee are as diverse as our collection of diamond rings. Clearly, you’ve put a lot of thought into the one you love – you’re proposing – so we’re here to walk you through our top five engagement spots in Calgary, each location matched to a unique cut of diamond!

  1. Banff National Park & Marquise Diamond - Okay, we’re cheating a bit because this isn’t technically in Calgary but a scenic one hour drive is worth it to arrive at the unparalleled beauty of pristine lakes and rugged mountains. We think the striking marquise cut diamond matches this extraordinary setting, resulting in a combo as unique as your love.

  1. Prince’s Island Park & Classic Round Diamond - Nestled in the heart of Calgary and surrounded by Bow River, this park boasts lush greenery and charming bridges. It’s a local favourite for a reason, just like the classic round cut diamond. This timeless duo is a surefire way to create a lasting memory.

  1. Calgary Tower & Princess Diamond - You’re the sophisticated type who loves your city and wants to feel like you’re on top of the world. Then there’s only one option. Overlook the best skyline in Canada with your beloved beau and soak in the lights as you reveal a sparkling princess cut. It’s like a fairytale coming true at the top of a castle (well, close enough).

  1. Nose Hill Park & Emerald Diamond - Follow the yellow brick road that links city to country and enjoy the serene ambiance of a view atop the hill. Feel the open air as you unveil the enchanting emerald cut. Show you have a heart, mind, and courage with this delightful diamond.

  1. Lougheed House & Oval Diamond - Who doesn’t love a historic mansion full of elegance? Oh, if those walls could talk they would one day tell the story of your incredible proposal with an oval cut diamond, the definitive blend of tradition and modern style. Since you’re probably not coming dressed like it’s 1893, this pairing feels proper.

Feel free to mix and match to your personal preference, ultimately the location and diamond should reflect your love and commitment. Some people take an elaborate approach while others prefer something more elegant, the choice is yours.

Just as Calgary offers diverse landscapes, we here at Executive Diamonds offer a wide range of cuts, our experts are here to answer all your questions and provide for your needs. We believe that once you have your person, the perfect ring and the dream proposal spot will come to you, just remember to embrace the moment and live happily ever after.




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